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BCDC offers a wide range of programs:

Infant & Toddler
Our Infant & Toddler teachers focus on the unique learning abilities of the children in our care.  Our teachers plan appropriate activities and make use of daily routines to bond with babies/toddlers. Our teachers provide a safe nurturing environment that provides cognitive stimulation. Our teachers understand that children learn through continuous explorations along with interacting with their environment.

Preschool & Pre-Kindergarten

Our teachers provide a nurturing, stimulating environment that will prepare the children for school. We like to prepare them not only in their cognitive skills by in their social and emotional development as well.

Daily After School Care

Our program runs all year long.  Our school-age program​ runs through-out the year.  We offer before and after school care throughout the school year.  Bluffton Elementary & Cory-Rawson Buses pick up and drop off right at our front door.  If your child joins us in the summer they will enjoy trips to the pool and bowling along with many visitors. 



Give us a call:

(419) 358-8222

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